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Mining the Talent of Tomorrow


Creating a Talent Pool for the Future of Mining

Tethys is dedicated to fostering a highly skilled and diverse workforce tailored for the mining sector. We believe that continuous education and skill development are vital for the sustainability and growth of the industry. Our education support focuses on up-skilling, re-skilling, providing comprehensive educational programs and addressing the gender gap to cultivate talent and promote inclusivity in the mining sector.


Up-Skilling Programs

Advanced Training Modules

Specialized training programs aimed at enhancing the skills of current mining professionals. These modules cover the latest technologies, safety protocols and industry best practices.


Partnering with recognized institutions to offer certification courses that validate new skills and competencies.


Re-Skilling Programs

Career Transition Support

Programs designed to help individuals from other industries transition into the mining sector. This includes foundational courses in mining operations, safety and environmental management.

Customized Learning Paths

Tailored learning plans based on individual backgrounds and career aspirations, ensuring a smooth transition into mining roles.


Educational Partnerships

University Collaborations

Partnerships with leading universities to develop curricula that meet the evolving needs of the mining industry. This includes undergraduate and post-graduate programs.

Scholarships & Internships

Providing financial support and hands-on experience opportunities to students pursuing careers in mining.


Community Outreach and Development

Workshops & Seminars

Organizing workshops and seminars in mining communities to raise awareness about career opportunities and the importance of education in the mining sector.

Mentorship Programs

Connecting students and young professionals with experienced mentors in the industry to guide their career development.


Embedding Girls in Mining

Girls in Mining Programs

Initiatives specifically designed to encourage girls and young women to pursue a career in mining. This includes school outreach programs, mentorship opportunities and scholarship funding.

Gender-Sensitive Training

Ensuring that training programs are inclusive and address the specific needs of women in the mining industry.


Addressing the Gender Gap and Unequal Working Situations

Inclusion Policies & Practices

Developing and promoting policies that create a more inclusive working environment, addressing issues such as workplace harassment and gender bias.

Leadership Development for Women

Programs aimed at preparing women for leadership roles within the mining sector, including management training and executive coaching.

Monitoring & Reporting

Implementing systems to monitor gender diversity and inclusion within the organization and regularly reporting on progress and outcomes.

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